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Chikara by ketsamachan Chikara :iconketsamachan:ketsamachan 1 0
Green is her favorite color. She can't help but appreciate it more.
Green, like his eyes. Watery with rage or sparkling with pleasure, beautiful. Shutting with a smile as he fights, and fights, and fights. Widening in surprise, or in pain, or in any other feeling that she always feels the urge to either encourage or shut down, to help him grow stronger—to be where he wants to be, where she wants to be. With him, somewhere.
Somewhere at the stop, where she'll lack nothing, including him. Where she'll support those she cares about, with him included. For better or for worse, one day. For rich, and not poor ever again.
Green, like his hair. Curly; wavy; shiny, like he always seems to seem. Fluttery, like she was when he first saved her—like she is, even now. Like he was, when he first saw her. Like he might be now, or even maybe not. It doesn't really matter, so long as he's happy and still fighting on.
That's what she admires after all.
Green, like
:iconketsamachan:ketsamachan 4 0
Itachi by ketsamachan Itachi :iconketsamachan:ketsamachan 1 0 One For All by ketsamachan One For All :iconketsamachan:ketsamachan 8 0 Bijoux by ketsamachan Bijoux :iconketsamachan:ketsamachan 0 0 BnHA OC - Hayako Fuuchi by ketsamachan BnHA OC - Hayako Fuuchi :iconketsamachan:ketsamachan 15 15 Great I Am by ketsamachan Great I Am :iconketsamachan:ketsamachan 0 0 Arien [Commission] by ketsamachan Arien [Commission] :iconketsamachan:ketsamachan 0 0
To Stroke a Fire | Hikaku + Izuna
The night frowned at the loud disturbance, and the moon spotlighted the cause. The jury of stars twinkled in amusement, ready to defend this little boy, illuminating his struggle; the streaks of dirt across his face, the matted clothes and dirty hair. He was a once-a-week-in-the-river kid. The kind who had a scentless aura every Sunday, before gathering up days of musk for the rest of the week. That kid.
The one born into a broken family and a war torn life. The one who was unsatisfied. Who was sure, completely positive, that what little he had would fall to the ground, and tear, and rot— just like everything else around him, if he did nothing to stop it.
It started with that kid. You know, that one. The dirty one who was always outside screaming, kicking the walls. Every night for a whole two months, exploding in shouts of anger.
"Train me!" He'd shout, "Come out and do it, it's your job! Are you ou
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Sketchbook I by ketsamachan Sketchbook I :iconketsamachan:ketsamachan 4 0
Forever | HikaToka
The feeling of wind embraces them from under the calm of the peach tree. The petals seem iridescent under the moonlight, from the brightest of pinks to the most alluring the purples, blooming with the song of spring as they float about.
She smiles down at him, who is kneeling before her with an ear rested gently over her plump belly. Gently, affectionately, with all the confidence in love and surety of joy that she has within and around her, she leads his chin by a single finger, bringing him into a seal of their promise.
He looks at the light— and remembers the darkness. The uncontrolled fury brought about by the darkest of flames within him.
The blackness in the shadows were as dark as night and as clear as day, so he accepted them. He cut through them and plunged in deeper with nothing but the scarlet in his eyes and the crimson on his blade.
His eyes became redder, and his blade, stained. He never minded. He had nothing good to miss.
It was what he saw best, w
:iconketsamachan:ketsamachan 2 6
Platinum Bullets - Prologue [Gintama]

Introducing: Hakkinchi

Planet Rakuyou had been a cutthroat planet. As in, an extremely violent planet; a war torn planet. At least, that's how she heard it used to be. These days it was a trash dump; it was where the 'vultures' gathered, all hungry for scraps of a chance at life; it was where the crows had sent her.
It was a wet planet; one that rained and rained for days upon days without allowing even a single ray of sunlight to reach the inhabitants. When it wasn't raining, it was covered from far east to far west with cumulonimbus clouds. More often than not, everyone was forced to carry their respective umbrellas.
No one traveled too terribly far, for the sake of avoiding the battlefields. Everyone minded their own business if not to fight. That's just how it was; outside of family relations, every conversation between adults was pure business or unmistakable violence. Because anyone who was strong was nothing else i
:iconketsamachan:ketsamachan 2 0
Yanemaru (Age 9) by ketsamachan Yanemaru (Age 9) :iconketsamachan:ketsamachan 1 0 Hashira (Age 9) by ketsamachan Hashira (Age 9) :iconketsamachan:ketsamachan 2 0
Golden | Hinata Shouyou x Reader (2/2)
A small breath leaves your lips as your hands settle on the big metals doors.
Vibrations crawl on your palms, scurrying up your arms with frozen feet and a speed like wildfire. They settle on your shoulder and your back, manifesting in the form of goosebumps. Is this winter or spring? You can't tell anymore, and you decide you don't care.
Pushing the doors open harshly, the vibrations escape you and the sounds quiet too. The goosebumps linger, this time out of nervousness as a sudden hush sweeps across the gym as the occupants stare at you in silent, startled confusion. All but one.
Hinata looks livelier, happier and curiously more cheery among his teammates. You weed the roots of nostalgia from within you and take a step inside, escaping the cold.
"You came!" He rushes over to you, a wide smile beaming at you. Honestly, had was doubted you? Of course you came.
The boy takes you by the hand, and pulls you inside hurriedly.
The goosebumps shimmy out with a violent shiver as you'r
:iconketsamachan:ketsamachan 30 4
Golden | Hinata Shouyou x Reader (1/2)
Golden rays of love and joy shone in through the windows, and a light smile graced a beautiful face as they breathlessly gazed in wonder at the sight of the ocean hitting the shore with an encouraging slap on the back.

After remembering how to breathe, the oxygen taken in through their lungs seemed to finally be enough to rejuvenate the butterflies running rampant in their stomach.
The sweet aroma of bright and brilliant love. You'd met him yesterday, and he turned it into paradise.
With his smile, he made it golden.
Most definitely, you knew;
with him, today would be a good day too—

"What total shit."
Slamming the book shut and back onto your best friend's desk, you glare at her cheekily grinning face, "Sometimes I can't believe the things you make me read with my own two eyes."
"Shh! Respect the romance, [Name]! Or the Romance Lords will hear you an—"
"Shush!" She holds a finger to your lips and her eyes flicker pointedly behind you,
:iconketsamachan:ketsamachan 36 6
To Finish:

⭐ Hinata x Reader²
⭐ Kaneki x Reader
⭐ Ayato x Reader²
⭐ Genos x Reader (Soulmate!AU)
⭐ Armin x Reader (Apocalypse/Zombie!AU)

* I mainly write and draw, but I'm also looking into animation.
* Most of this is fanart, but I plan to make my own series one day,
so original art will come when I'm more skilled, I'm pretty sure.
* Don't forget to comment & I hope you enjoy whatever you find here!!

USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design French 2 by Faeth-design Spanish lang3 by Faeth-design


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Euphonious | Oikawa Tooru
Oikawa Tooru, the Prince of Aobajousai; the heartthrob of Aobajousai; the Grand King of the Court—this last one being rather recent for him.
Being who he was, there was no way he hadn't heard of you: [Full Name], the Firecracker.
He'd seen you around in school and rumors floated after you like an aura, but he'd never spoken to you directly. You were always wearing a scowl—never a smile, and although he'd always been too crowded by girls or busy with volleyball to see them, he'd heard of the fights you'd been in, too.
Your [e/c] eyes, though bright, were always serious—as if daring someone, anyone to 'try' you. Your hands were always wrapped in bandages and no one needed an explanation as to why.
All in all, even though he was something of a lady-killer, Oikawa Tooru knew better than to involve himself with someone like you.
And that's why when he bumped into you in the halls, sending your binder and books to the floor,
The Last Time | Oikawa Tooru x Reader"Did you miss me?" You questioned shakily.
Warm puffs of breath made thin clouds as you stood before your beloved for the last time. Crystal snowflakes fell on your shoulders, and you felt your hands tremble at what you were sure would be your last encounter.
You were answered with silence—and it was set in stone; you could never be together again. You looked down at the plate of food in your hands, despite knowing that he wouldn't eat your final peace offering. You didn't want bad blood between you, but were terrified that it might remain that way forever because of a foolish mistake.
He needed you but you'd left him. Would he ever forgive you?
I'm sorry.
"I made you onigiri. I hope you like it." Your smile trembled with doubt, and you felt liquid traitors race down your cheeks as you gazed at his eyes. You wouldn't have wanted to do this amidst the crowd of people that had just dispersed—he always was such a ladies man

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